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Sealant Compatibility

When glazing any sealed units in order to ensure the expected lifespan of the unit is achieved it is vitally important to use the correct glazing system and tried and tested compatible glazing sealants.

At SafeGuard we highly recommend the use of products from Hodgson Sealants which have been extensively tested for compatibility with many of the leading brands of edge sealant for total peace of mind.

Hodgsons provide full detailed glazing specifications for most systems. For details please follow this link.

If an incompatible sealant is used then the most alarming result is migration of softener from the secondary sealant through the primary sealant and into the cavity of the sealed unit. Even in less obvious situations where there is no leakage into the cavity the secondary sealant may be broken down to such an extent that the integrity of the seal is totally compromised and premature failure will inevitably result.

If in doubt please speak to a member of our team regarding the correct sealant for the job. We will be pleased to advise and supply the best product with your sealed unit order.

The consequences of getting it wrong may prove costly and the failed units would not be covered under our warranty.

Please see the following guidance from the GGF regarding Compatibility of Glazing Sealants and Compounds with Insulating Glass Units – GGF Compatibility 4.9

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